The 2011 SUAWTM Awards: “The Zippies”

May 23, 2012

Are the Oscars a little too high-brow for you? Do you find yourself scratching your head when the People’s Choice Awards gives “Best Superhero of the Year” to Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern? And what about the bad movies? Y’know, the stomach-churningly awful films you’d really like to avoid?

We heard you calling, and we’re answering with the 2011 Shut Up and Watch The Movie Awards. (AKA: “The Zippies”.) We’ve picked the best, the worst, the delightful, the disappointing, and displayed them in all their glory for you. So please, enjoy!

Best Picture of 2011:

Winner: Super-8

J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg make an incredible team. Super 8 hits the ball out of the park in cinematography, special effects, musical score, nostalgia, and impressive performances by its young cast. If you haven’t seen Super 8 yet, definitely check it out.

Runners up for Best Picture:

Nate: The Help

Chris: Captain America

Luke: The Artist

Isaac: The Help

Worst Picture of 2011:

Winner: Bad Teacher

Nate is actually the only one who saw this, but we took his word for it.

Runners Up:

Nate: Jack & Jill, Just Go With It

Chris: Season of the Witch

Luke: Immortals

Isaac: No Strings Attached

Biggest Pleasant Surprise:

Winner: Rango

Rango’s trailer didn’t look like much, but a creative storyline and impressive cast made it something truly unique.

Runners Up:

Nate: X-Men: First Class

Chris: Unknown (2011)

Luke: The Artist

Isaac: Thor

Biggest Disappointment:

Winner: Sucker Punch

How the director of 300 could screw up this badly is mind-boggling. Almost as mind-boggling as the plot he tried to sell us with robots and miniskirts. (Review here)

Runners Up:

Nate: Paul

Chris: Green Lantern

Luke: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Isaac: Limitless

Best Movie No One Saw:

Winner: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

This Canadian-American Horror/Comedy film takes the “college kids in the woods” genre and turns it upside down. The result is a side-splittingly funny tale about the perils of judging a book by its cover.

Runners Up:

Nate: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Chris: Trigun Badlands Rumble

Luke: The Beaver

Isaac: The Beaver

Most Overrated:

Winner: Limitless

Its ironic that a film about a mind-boosting drug has one of the dumbest endings I’ve ever seen.

Runners Up:

Nate: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Chris: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Luke: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Isaac: Transformers3

Most Underrated:

Winner: Super 8

For boasting superior directing, cinematography, special effects, and acting (especially with a child-dominated cast!) Super 8 didn’t get much media attention, nor did it stand out in the Box-Office. We’re kinda confused about that.

Runners Up:

Nate: Cowboys & Aliens

Chris: Thor

Luke: The Adventures of Tintin

Isaac: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Best Family Film:

Winner: Courageous

Courageous really was a splendid film and deserves a place here. Its incredibly enjoyable, funny, and emotionally resonant. (I know we’re pulling a “Jesus-Juke” here, get over it.) 

Runners Up:

Nate: Rango

Chris: Kung Fu Panda 2

Luke: The Muppets

Isaac: We Bought a Zoo

Best Original Score:

Winner: X-Men: First Class

Fun, gripping, and dynamic, the new X-Men theme doesn’t just support the film, it hops in the drivers seat and hits the gas. (Listen here.)

Runners Up:

Nate: Super 8

Chris: Thor

Luke: Sherlock Holmes2

Isaac: Sherlock Holmes2

“Our Favorite”

Looking for straight up enjoyability? – We’ve each picked our favorite movies of the year:

Our picks:

Nate: Super 8

Luke: Super 8

Chris: Captain America

Isaac: Captain America

There you have it folks! What do you think? Was there something we missed? – Let us know in the comments!
Don’t forget to check out last year’s SUAWTM Awards, the 2010 Zippies.
And as always, please, Shut up and Enjoy the Movie!


One Response to “The 2011 SUAWTM Awards: “The Zippies””

  1. Scott Davis Says:

    Isaac. Pretty good summary. You saw a lot more movies that I did. I liked Super 8 pretty well. I grew weary of the kids throwing f-bombs, but I thought all the kids acted well. The ending was a bit anti-climactic, kind of unoriginal, but the pacing of the movie was good and I really enjoyed the kids acting and some of the family storyline.

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