Stephenie Meyer announces a new Teen-Paranormal-Romance series about a secret romance between Eve and Satan.

April 1, 2012

Stephenie Meyer (writer of the Twilight series) announced that she’s writing a new Teen-Paranormal-Romance series called “Apple.” – The disturbing bit? Its apparently about a love-triangle between Adam, Eve, and Satan. Remember that Stephenie Meyer is part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, which is known for having some wacko theology… Check out an excerpt from this interview:

Lang: So, Stephenie, you wanted to go deeper with this idea of good and evil, what got you to the Garden of Eden?

Meyer: I realized that everything I’d been writing about… romance, good and evil, choices, monsters… humanity, if you will… all of it began with this Garden of Eden story. Which I actually quoted in Twilight, because I liked the idea so much.

Lang: Right. That was the forward to your first book.

Meyer: Exactly. So here’s Adam and Eve in the Garden, and God made them to be perfect, yet here we have Eve running off to the tree to meet with Lucifer. That’s very interesting to me. I imagine a lot of tension there, like the conversation at the forbidden tree was the climax of a long relationship.

Lang: Lucifer?

Meyer: Oh, yeah. That’s one of the Bible’s names for Satan. It means “Angel of Light” or “Morning Star.”

Lang: Wait, Satan was an angel?

Meyer: Yes! (laughs) That’s what is so fascinating about his character! Lucifer isn’t really the red, horned, fiery demon thing we picture carrying around a pitchfork. He was once a beautiful Angel in heaven, and the brother of Jesus. I think Lucifer spent time in the Garden of Eden, walking around with Adam and Eve. He’s this incredible, beautiful figure of a winged man. A warrior, sparkling with light, yet cold and immortal.

Lang: Sounds like Edward. But with wings, of course.

Meyer: That’s what’s so fascinating! I didn’t write Lucifer to be like Edward, I really tried to make them different. But I realized that my vampires were, in a way, based off this iconic “fallen angel” that is embodied by Lucifer.

Lang: Interesting. So do you think you can re-invent Satan like you reinvented Vampires?

Meyer: I’m not trying to make him interesting, I just see the story from his perspective, you know? I write what is interesting to me. And I think once people hear Lucifer’s side of the story, they’ll find him as fascinating as I do.

Lang: So then what happens?

Meyer: Lucifer falls in love with Eve.

Lang: … I’m sorry, what?

Meyer: Its an incredible love triangle. Who does Eve choose? Adam, the perfect man… and I mean perfect man, who was literally created to be with her… or Lucifer? The Angel of Light, and the eventual Prince of Darkness?

Lang: um… are you okay? Can I get you a glass of water?

Meyer: No. (laughs) I’m fine, really…

Lang: So you were saying… Adam, Eve, Satan, love triangle?

Meyer: Oh, right… So this is the real reason why God banished Lucifer from heaven, because Lucifer wanted Eve to learn about evil and leave the Garden with him.

Lang: Um, I think I’m getting confused… wasn’t eating the apple a bad thing?

Meyer: Well, God wouldn’t let them leave, right? He wouldn’t let Adam and Eve learn about evil, and Lucifer disagreed with this. Lucifer knew it was wrong to force this naive life on humans. …I mean, wouldn’t that be boring to you? All that perfection?

Lang: Hmm, I don’t know about that. No sin? Perfect man, perfect woman, walking around with God, right?

Meyer: Well, Lucifer didn’t see it that way. He wanted Eve to see through the deceptions, to choose for herself. So he lures Eve out to the tree and puts everything on the line. Adam runs up at the end of the conversation just as his love is holding the apple. Eve can choose to stay with Adam, or she can go with Lucifer and forfeit her soul.

Lang: So, she eats the apple, right?…

Meyer: Yes. But then in a twist, Adam takes the apple too, sealing himself to the same fate as Eve. Actually, that’s the end of my first book. And my second book, “Apple” will be about the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit.

Lang: How many are you planning to do?

Meyer: Well I’m almost done with “Angel”, and then I’ll get to work on “Apple”. I’m thinking about some ideas for a third, but I don’t want to give anything away until we’ve made at least one movie. (laughs)


47 Responses to “Stephenie Meyer announces a new Teen-Paranormal-Romance series about a secret romance between Eve and Satan.”

  1. Annonymous Says:

    Disgusting… What a horrible idea!

  2. Lilliana Says:

    I don’t think this is a good idea for a book. She’s going to confuse so many people about the REAL way that Adam and Eve fell into sin. Lucifer had been banished from Heaven BEFORE Adam and Eve were created by God, so he was not an angel when he tempted Eve. Most stories depict him as a snake, because he was already dwelling in Hell as a demon. If Stephenie Meyer makes Satan out to be a beautiful, angelic being, she is twisting the Bible story into a tale that will engross many, many young people (just as her “Twilight” series did/does) and cause many of them to no doubt conform to her way of thinking instead of conforming to TRUTH. Meyer should rethink her story, especially if she considers herself to have religion.

    • Ally Says:

      “…and cause many of them to no doubt conform to her way of thinking instead of conforming to TRUTH.” Truth, you say? Really? How are you to know that the story from Genesis is the truth? Who are you to say that Adam and Eve ever existed in the first place? You’re a fool if you take it for face value like that without question.

      • Charlotte Says:

        Can we seriously not get into a religious debate over this guys? The fact remains that she’s spouting a load of crap and shouldn’t be allowed to publish ever again. Lilliana has a point that Meyer claims to have a faith, and those of the same faith believe the Bible to be a truth. So for Meyer to be slaundering it for her own benefit, without even so much as fact-checking, it makes you wonder if she’s really all that interested in her own faith. Writing off a different version of her own religion is a tad hypocritical and blasphemous, so no wonder Christians are gonna be yelling about this one.
        Also, when I read this article, my first reaction was to headdesk. Meyer has actually caused me to suffer pain. I am not happy.

      • Rebeca Says:

        Agree with you 1000000%!!! ^_^

      • Rebeca Says:

        Agree with you 1000000%!!!!

    • Davis Says:

      Amen! Sister

    • Steph enthusiast Says:

      I think she should write take Her story “Hell on Earth” and write a full book on it. There’s a lot it go on.

  3. Lilliana Says:

    And FYI, Ms. Meyer, Lucifer was NEVER the brother of Jesus. What a horrid thought! You need to get your facts straight.

    • Isaac Says:

      That idea is quite common in Mormon theology. They believe that Jesus and Satan are both sons of God: one good, one evil.
      The more disturbing belief is that if we do enough “good things” in life, we can someday be like God. We will be ‘immortal, divine beings’ who will spend eternity with our mate, having sex, creating ‘spirits’ who will populate new worlds and galaxies with our babies. – bizarre. But that’s Mormanism for you.

  4. myroses Says:

    April Fool’s joke? Please say its an April Fool’s joke….

  5. Kallie Says:

    God will not be mocked…

  6. Ally Says:

    I seriously hope this is an April Fool’s joke, not because if it isn’t, then it means that Stephenie Meyer is an idiot (as I believe that all who follow Mormonism are idiots regardless), but because this is plain stupidity, and it has nothing to do with Adam, Eve, or whether or not Satan and Jesus are brothers. It’s simply retarded.

  7. Aoife Says:

    I agree with what Lilliana said and that teens are now going to suppose the Adam and Eve story was this twisted one.

    I love how even the interviewer thinks she’s a whack job. And d

  8. Aoife Says:

    Does she actually believe they’ll make a movie? Or is that a joke?

  9. Chrissy Says:

    Please tell me this is fake. PLEASE. This is ridiculous and COMPLETELY theologically incorrect…. WHAT?!

  10. Kate Says:

    please for the love of Luci, let this be april fools. As a vampire lover that genre was ruined for me by her ‘literature’ and now she is fucking with my beliefs as well?

  11. Alex Says:

    She has to stop with her stupid love triangles. The concept isn’t terrible, it’s just i know it’s going to be like twilight, only instead of taking the vampire name is shame, it’s going to be Satan. Satan is my favorite literary character. Now he’s going to become some candy-ass, wanna-be bad boy like Edward. Ugh, and all her teen fans will be like “SATAN IS HOT. TEAM SATAN, HE’S SO COOL!” And that will have my last nerve.

    She’ll never make anything that can hold a torch to “Paradise Lost”, one of the best garden of eden interpretations, and I think she should give up on the concept entirely… Knowing her writing style, should could not give the dynamic character of the Devil any sort of justice. Instead he’s be a one-sided lovesick, pretty boy, wanna be bad guy.

    I hope this never gets famous, and CERTAINLY hope it NEVER becomes a movie.

    Thought i’d put an input in from the other side of the spectrum, since everyone here seems to be refuting this concept so it does not put god in a negative light. Nah, people who are not religious think this is awful too!

    Ah, FInally, Something we can agree on!

  12. adam Says:

    terrible idea and highly offensive

  13. Foot Says:

    I’m just going to pretend its a joke… The horrible part is that I can’t be sure. Someone hold meeeee…….
    But if this is legit, tables will be flipped. I enjoy this kind of stuff and if this bitch makes this an actual thing, Lucifer and the Garden of Eden will be ruined forever. Just, please, if this is a joke, let me know.

    • Charlotte Says:

      You sound like a tumblr kid :’) I know how you feel – I headdesked so hard when I read this… We must stop her! If we can’t protect our bookstores, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge them! Avengers Assemble! >:D

  14. ladyoerbayunfang Says:

    Making a mythical story about a myth. Meh. So what? Adam, Eve, and Lucifer weren’t real anway, what’s the big deal? “Oh, it ruins my beliefs!” You don’t care about anyone elses beliefs (How many Greek mythology movies have you watched? Some of you just insulted Mormanism, you think every other religion, all 2,800 something are wrong and you’re one special snowflake religion is right), so quite frankly, I don’t care about yours. I won’t read it because I hate Smeyer, but get off your high horses.

    • Charlotte Says:

      Try to see this from someone else’s view point. It’s ludicrous as it is, but because she’s messing with her own religion, and not just Mormanism, but Christianiy as a whole including every branch of it, she’s taking it a ste too far. Plus, I appreciate slating religion is a shitty thing to do regardless, but the world hasn’t as of yet got over this Christianity malarky, so it’s a little different to saying that Apollo was gay for Hades, for example :L

  15. Michelle Says:

    Is Stephine possessed by the devil, or under a dark influence? Look at how many followers she has from Twlight( I’m one of them!) She really influenced a huge amount of people in a short time, and now she is bringing God into the paranormal world in a twisted way! Why?? Where is Midnight Sun? Now that would of been Awsome, not disturbing…:(

  16. Evelyn Whitlock Says:

    OMG people, its FICTION! I got one thing to say to you bible thumpers (no offense Stephenie), and that is this. I welcome you to believe whatever you want to, seeing as how people are entitled to their beliefs, but don’t push your beliefs on others. If you don’t want to read a FICTIONAL book about a bible story, THEN DON’T READ IT! It’s that fucking simple. Idiots…

  17. kayla Says:

    It’s just a book much like the bible. It’s all interpretive there is no right or wrong way to read the bible.
    And if stephine wants to write a book let her no matter the context she is entitled to whatever she wants she clearly believes enough in her beliefs for them not to waver when she reads it. For all of you who think it will confuse people clearly then they aren’t being educated enough in your religion or your unable to handle the thought of another interpretation because your own faith is wavering.

  18. Me Says:

    I think Stephenie has a really fascinating way of looking at things. Just like Twilight, I think this book is going to be a hit. It already sounds so complicated and interesting that I wish I could read it right now! The person who was interviewing her thought she was crazy, but it actually sounds like a cool idea. I loved the Twilight series, and the idea for this book sounds amazing: the perfect man vs. the evil man. It’s just so creative and amazing!

  19. Julie Says:

    Fiction is fiction, right? I mean, I’m sure this will cause some problems in the religion department, but it’s still just a story! It was written to be entertaining, not to create conflicts! If you’re a really religious person, I can see how you would be upset with the idea of bringing God and the devil into the world of fiction, but that doesn’t mean the book is “disgusting” or “disturbing,” as some people put it. In the story, Meyer simply just shows religion from a different point of view. I think she adds a dark and sassy twist to the story of the Garden of Eden. She has such an original imagination and way of looking at things; it’s almost as if she sees different things from her eyes that the rest of us see through ours. This is a gift that comes with being a legendary author. So, stop criticizing Meyer about it! If you don’t like the idea, then don’t read the book. But this idea is so unique and fascinating to me that I’m not going to miss it!

    • Jordan Says:

      The thing is that ppl who do read the bible see lucifer as a figurehead for evil: rape, murder, sin etc. so to ‘glorify’ him as some sort of romantic lead in a story is why they see it as sick & disturbing & disgusting. I get the whole ‘different concept’ thing she wants to go for but she culd stil use that basic adam/eve/lucifer concept but in a different realm or time in the future or something, similar to c s lewis & his own versian of the crucifiction story in narnia. If she did something creative like that she’d still be using the same concept but it wuldnt be considered so offensive to Christianity.

  20. Venus Says:

    Stephine Meyers is free to write what ever she wants and should not be judged but yes she should be aware of her ideas affect on some of her fans sensitivities to the religious subject. I have read many books about fallen angels, lucifer falling in love with people and really being a misjudged good guy. I have yet to be confused or question what I have been taught in Church. In fact what I like about these stories are them showing the writers creativity. At the same time there are those who are easily persuaded by FICTION, I guess, according to previous post. Although, honestly in my opinionTwilight created alot of admiration for an affectionate story not cause one to question their beliefs in Vampires and what is true and not.

  21. buffy01 Says:

    I think we should all stop buying her books and write a letter asking that her book not be published because of the ideas she has. I think that no one should go to her book signing since we have to pay her to have an autograph. She promised us midnight sun and then announce she finished the book and had it published then said it was a joke. This girl need some professional help she obviously has a lot of mental issues and need to get some help. If anyone ask her a question she began snapping at people about her books. I think she was the one that put it on the internet and then try to punish us for it. Even the bookstore hate her because she announce to put a book out then cancel it. What is with this mermaid and the host? You can’t write a romance about a scifi. It either no one surive or someone survive but there terrifies of everything. What with the religion why not go to your own church and write their bible not publish book at a bookstore?

  22. buffy01 Says:

    I think she need to stop writing altogether. Her last book was so boring you call fall asleep just reading it. I used to be a fan but she lost me.

  23. The Phoenix Says:

    This idea offends me as a book lover as much as it offends my religion. I am hoping this is someone’s idea of a sick joke. I need to hug a kitten to calm down

  24. […] alienated her Twilight readers but gained a new following in the science fiction world. In 2012, Meyer announced her return to teen paranormal romance with The Apple, a story about a love triangle between Adam, […]

  25. Lucy Says:

    Honestly? It’s not that I don’t like her personally, but I don’t like her style or her writing. If it had been someone else who came up with this idea, I might have given it a shot. Besides, it’s obvious she didn’t do her research. It was SAMMAEL who was in the garden, not Lucifer. The name “Lucifer” wasn’t mentioned in Genesis. Satan and Lucifer are NOT the same person. Lucifer was a FALLEN ANGEL, Satan was a SERVANT OF GOD.

    • Lucy Says:

      And how do I know this? Not only to I research and study religion, mythologies, etc. I’m a Luciferian.

    • Jordan Says:

      Actually satan was just a generic name given to all the figureheas for evil ie lucifer, beezlebub. You’re right tho, it was Samael in the garden of eden according to Jewish texts altho it is not specified in the Bible. Anyway i think this novel idea is ridiculous.

  26. Lucy Says:

    Of course, haters are going to hate. If she wants to write this, then she will do so by her wishes. However, I am horrified and I won’t read something that may permanently scar me. Call me a prick, if you will, but Lucifer is a guide or a guardian for me. It’s like reading a book about your guardian angel and then having to look at them and ask them if it’s true, or worse…like peeking into someone’s diary. NO, EVEN WORSE, having to endure a rumor that isn’t even true!
    I know I shouldn’t take any of this personally, but I can’t help but feel like she’s insulting me and many other’s by not researching for her materials.

  27. Albert Says:

    IT IS ALL “FICTION” so stop being so stupid people!

  28. person#1 Says:

    This woman is sick. Idk how she could have sat there and twist the first 3 chapters of the Bible. You watch. Someone HAS to stop this mad cow! I vote Kanye west should do it

  29. Viktor Says:

    What is with her and love-triangles? I’m sorry but almost ALL teenage-romance books have that cliche to them now and they’re all the same. This book will probably be the same as Twilight except the only difference being the changes of characters. And religion is a sensitive topic for some people so for her to want to so freely write something on it and at least not be accurate to the sources (The Bible, e.t.c.) it just seems she put no thought into it.
    There’s going to be no focus on the aspect of Lucifer as well as Adam and Eve, I can bet considering reading her past works. It’ll all be blinded by repetitive cliche romances and characters with potential will be horribly wasted. I also really don’t want Teenagers going around praising the Devil and proclaiming that they love him and “OH HE’S MISUNDERSTOOD. I LOVE SATAN. TEAM SATAN”. Honestly.

  30. […] alienated her Twilight readers but gained a new following in the science fiction world. In 2012, Meyer announced her return to teen paranormal romance with The Apple, a story about a love triangle between Adam, […]

  31. Anna Says:

    Personally, I’m trying to choose to luv it, or hate it. I love supernatural books, but I’m a Christian; and my faith comes before anything else. So, this new story is a little sensitive to me.

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