Remember When…

November 14, 2011

Star Wars, while ever present in the back our generation’s collective social-cultural mind, seems to be showing up even more frequently of late. This is primarily because of the recent release of the entire “saga” on Blu-ray. Now whether you’re thrilled or disappointed once again that it doesn’t include an unadulterated original trilogy, at least we can all agree that…well, Star Wars is awesome. Think back to the first time you saw it, if you can remember; I was pretty young and I don’t, but my grandpa remembers seeing it in the theater. He says he remembers, after the film was over, just sitting there and thinking to himself, “That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.” I asked him what he thought when he saw that one scene, you know, the scene of Empire Strikes Back, the biggest reveal in all of cinema history (sorry Mr. Welles). My grandpa said he saw it coming.

Luke vs. Luke!

Remember the cave scene, yeah, big hint there. But for those of us who were a lot younger it took us totally by surprise. The most sinister villain we’d ever seen, the father of our greatest hero. So I leave you with this gem, a dad managed to capture, on camera, his kids’ reaction to that fateful scene:


One Response to “Remember When…”

  1. It may be hard for some today to understand how unique Star Wars was in the spring 1977. A very different experience upon which much of today’s sci fi expectations are built.

    Huh, wait… Vader is Luke’s father? Noooooooo! That’s impossiblllle!

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