George Lucas says he’ll REMAKE the prequel trilogy!?

April 1, 2011

The internet is buzzing with talk about George Lucas rebooting Star Wars. Apparently Lucas wanted to wait until the project was underway to announce this news, but decided to take a few questions on the process! The entire interview from LucasFilm is posted below. (link to the original article).

LF: George, there’s been rumors flying everywhere.

Lucas: You’re telling me. (laughs)

LF: We’ve heard about remaking the Original Trilogy in 3D, giving direction to Zack Snyder… and now you yourself are saying you want to “reboot” the prequel trilogy? What’s going on here?

Lucas: I never used the word “reboot” with Star Wars. I hate the word. I think “reboot” has been so overused it’s now meaningless. As for all the rumors, I think what we’re seeing is that people are ready for the next thing from Star Wars.

LF: But there’s been videogames, books, a Clone Wars tv series…

Lucas: Oh, of course. There’s been kids stuff since the very beginning. Action figures, comic books… I’m talking about the essence of Star Wars. The films.

LF: You said you were never happy with how the prequel trilogy turned out. Is your disappointment driving your decision to reboot Episodes I-III?

Lucas: It’s not a reboot, because that would mean I’d have to alter the original trilogy. I’ve considered doing that, but then I think “where am I going to find another Harrison Ford?” (laughs) But yes, I was very disappointed. I’ve always had a vision for how I wanted Star Wars to look. My biggest struggle has been with technology, getting the look and the feel exactly right. And that’s why I didn’t want to start making the prequels in the 90’s. I knew the cgi wasn’t advanced to the point where I could do what I really wanted with it. Now that I’ve seen some of the things Peter Jackson and James Cameron have been doing, I think we’re finally ready.

LF: You’ve made a couple comments recently about The Phantom Menace being “rushed”. Can you tell us about that?

Lucas: I won’t name names… but certain people said we had to push Star Wars before the year 2000. They thought this new generation wouldn’t be able to appreciate the Original Trilogy because it was too dated. It was now or never. And they wanted a script.

LF: So what did you do?

Lucas: I decided to throw them a bone, send them my basic plotline but convince them we had to wait. I had ideas of course. I wanted Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, a young Obi-Wan in Jedi training, a droid army, and of course I had some idea of what I wanted Darth Maul to be. I put these pieces in a script, then added bunch of fluff to make the project unfilmable. I was hoping the team would be so discouraged that they’d give up for a few years.

LF: You intentionally sabotaged the project with your script?

Lucas: Unfortunately, yes.

LF: What did you write in to make the project unfilmable?

Lucas: Oh… most of it made it to the screen, actually. Jar Jar Binks, Anakin building C3PO, all that nonsense.

LF: George, Star Wars is your baby. How did you let this happen?

Lucas: I’d rather not talk about that part of it. Basically, I sent them a script while I was working on other projects. Then I got a call from them a year later and they were already in pre-production and past the point of no return.

LF: With or without the ‘nonsense’, as you said?

Lucas: Again, not naming names… but certain people loved Jar Jar and a young Anakin. They went on and on about merchandising, talking about action figures and coloring books, calling me a genius for grabbing the attention of a new generation.

LF: Then what?

Lucas: I gave in. I made the films. And I regret that to this day.

LF: You regret making the prequel trilogy? All of it?

Lucas: I have regrets about certain choices that were made and the final product. When I made the original trilogy, there were problems that could be fixed with cgi and editing later on; I did that with the Special Edition release. It’s not that simple with Episode I-III. There are things I hate about it and the only way to fix that is to remake the entire prequel trilogy.

LF: What kind of things are you changing when you remake Episodes I-III?

Lucas: Darth Vader. I can’t be more adamant about that. Anakin’s journey is central to Star Wars and that needs to be consistent from the first time we see Anakin as a teenager to when we see his funeral pyre in Return of the Jedi.

LF: You won’t show Anakin as a child?

Lucas: No. And he won’t be building C-3PO this time, either. (laughs) I want to debut Anakin as a teenager, the way I did with Luke. I was never happy with Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christensen. I’ll be picking a more mature actor this time, someone who can give us the complexity we need to see from Anakin but still look young enough to play him in all three films.

LF: Do you have an actor in mind?

Lucas: No one is hired yet. But I have a dream cast in mind, yes.

LF: Can you tell us who…

Lucas: No, not yet at least. Check back with me in September. (laughs)

LF: What else are you going to change significantly?

Lucas: There are a lot of things I want to change. Like the midi-chlorian explanation of the Force, I hated that.

LF: How’d that get in the script if you hated the idea?

Lucas: People thought that giving the Force a more… logical explanation would give our science fiction credibility. Make it scientifically accurate and all that. But equating the Force to microscopic bacteria really dissolved the foundation of everything Star Wars is about, the Light Side and the Dark Side. I didn’t realize until the third film how damaging that one line about midi-chlorians from Liam Neeson was going to be to the entire franchise.

LF: How different will these remakes feel when compared to the prequel trilogy we’ve already seen?

Lucas: These films are going to be completely different; they won’t feel like a typical remake at all.

LF: How different?

Lucas: I don’t want to give anything away, but if you go in expecting to see a 15 year old Padme ruling an entire planet, you’re going to be disappointed. (laughs)


24 Responses to “George Lucas says he’ll REMAKE the prequel trilogy!?”

  1. This must be an April Fool’s joke. It must be.

  2. Mark Proctor Says:

    it is, but I’m sure we all wish it wasn’t 😦

  3. roger sheets Says:

    What he should do is make in between movies like episodes 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 and maybe even 4.5 5.5 and 6.5.

  4. Johnnyfivestackz Says:

    Smh if he does hell lose many life time fans of the star wars i waited most of my life for the prequel

  5. Savannah herriman Says:

    so When is this new star wars coming out I gotta admit the first three wasn’t as good as four, five, and six!

  6. Steven Says:

    I think this is an absolute wonderful idea. Ive often said i would love to just see 4-6 re-made for the sake of updated look and feel…but after reading this article..a full re-telling and re-making of the Star Wars story is more exciting than anything. I know there will be nay sayers and people who will boo hoo over the news…but look at it like this. You are getting what Star Wars was supposed to be. Told by the man himself..George Lucas. I hope some characters get more detail like B Fett…but still stay true to core characters….especially Anakin. I totally agree with actor change and starting at teenage Anakin..maybe reflect on childhood but not start their. The tragedy of Anakin Skywalker deserves to be told with care and while I enjoyed 1-3..some things did feel out of place. Jar jar!! And someone as bad a#% as Darth Maul could use more film time in my opinion. Anyways..i hope when George does it this time he doesnt settle for anything..if its not what he wants and true to his vision..dont shoot it. Im extremely excited usual.

  7. Matt Says:

    Is there any evidence that George Lucas has said this or has this stuff been made up, I cannot see him doing this at all.

  8. Matthew Kerby Says:

    Apparently its “TRUE” and its going to happen and I agree that Darth Maul should have more screen time and also think Hayden Christensen done a gr8 job as Anakin and has that poker faced dark look to him. Hope Ian Mcdiarmid will play Palpatine as he is good as this Villain. Who will play Ben Kenobi and Anakin and also I wonder what the actors will think when they see there parts being played by other actors again.

  9. Lee Swift Says:

    Why dosent George just make the missing part between episodes 3 and 4 I want to see how bubba fett grows up and the how the cloneTroopers evolve into stormtroopers there is a big missing part in the star wars universe Like the introduction of Han solo and lando calrisian Thats what I want to see :0)

  10. Aaron smith Says:

    Many say that the prequel trilogy is not good.But i must say it gives so much sense for the movie.In the 1st episode they say Anakin is too old and dangerous to be trained as a jedi and at the end it turns out to be true.Making him a teenager will not match with this concept.Also i must the the prequels are much more emotional specially the 3rd episode and I think its brilliant.I love the 3rd episode and how it ends.I think it will not make sense to remake the 1st three episode.But I must agree the original trilogy and the prequels do not match.the character of Anakin in the 1st 3 episodes and the darth vader in the last 3 episodes do not match at all.Instead of making the first 3 they should remake the last 3.

    • Raven Says:

      I totally and completely agree. I was doing another Star Wars binge and though the prequel trilogy does have a few blimps, it’s one of my favorite series of movies ever. Watching episodes 4-6 never was that enjoyable for me. Vader seems much weaker, with none of the passion that ruled him and defines a Sith lord, not to mention Luke is a whiny teenager. Lucas should refocus his time remaking the outdated versions, rather than fix what isn’t broken. In all good opinion, the plotline he layed out for the prequel is much more compelling and complicated, adding much more to the already existing characters in depth and emotion.

      • bob jones Says:

        I have never made an account simply to reply to 1 post until now. that was the stupidest post i have ever seen and you are probably missing a chromosome or two. I wish i could summarise why your idiocy is supreme, but instead i will just leave this here as it has already been done.

      • Lars Says:

        Okay to that moron Bob Jones, do you seriously think that fat bastard in that ” funny ” video has a good point ? he has no friggin idea what he’s talking about, i pretty much grew up with the Star Wars series episode 4-6, at the time it was very well made and an amazing experience to watch, but why shouldn’t they remake those classics ? kids and teens wouldn’t give a rats ass about watching the classic Star Wars movies we grew up with cause it pretty much looks like shit by todays standards, i want those great movies to be remembered and talked about for another 20 years atleast, so the only way to keep this series from beeing ” just another ancient movie ” that will die out along with us, is simply to remake it, is that really so soul crushing to accept ? so basicly if you don’t like it, don’t watch it you idiot, besides the Phantom Menace was ans introduction to the star wars series, sure George could have done a better job with it, but you get to meet Anakins mother and so on, only guy i hate is that fucking jar jar binks guy, that was just unnecessary, but other then that it kept me entertained, so if episode 1-6 were to be remade i would be in the first row to see it when it got released cause im a fan, they should be remade so our children and so on can enjoy these movies just like we did when we were kids ( guessing you’re a grown man ) it doesn’t hurt us, cause we got the originals, and they will grow to remember the newly made instead of beeing bored through ours. 🙂

    • Mac Says:

      THANK YOU, I’ve felt like that for years, I feel like the OT should be remade to match the prequels not vice-versa, Hayden Christianson and the actor of little Annie ( whose name escapes me) were great and the character of Anakin was great. Besides I think Luke’s character could be done better. The prequels are too perfect to be remade but the thing about the OT is if you remade it the original version wouldn’t disappear you would just have two.

      • Hurrrrrrrrrr Says:

        So the OT should be dumbed down and have any engaging and coherent story elements removed? Brilliant! Perhaps I’ll schedule a lobotomy to coincide with the release date of the new OT – that way I can join prequel-loving mouth-breathers in a state of ignorant bliss!

  11. fucku Says:

    It is so funny that people believed this. Shows how dumb prequel haters are.

    • prequelfanboys Says:

      “Prequel haters”? You mean “people with at least rudimentary understanding of what constitutes a coherent and enjoyable story”? Most “prequel haters” know that Lucas was far too lazy and incompetent to even think of remaking the prequels. Oh, and you’ll find most of the people here who actually believe this story, are in fact “prequel lovers”. Enjoy your prequel shit-sandwich

  12. Anonymous Designer Says:

    oky wait what????? the wants to redo the prequel??? that is outrages they where the best ones I’m say he should rather redo the original trilogy, because the acting is flat in them and the plot is also very flat, but don’t get me wrong I love all the star wars movies…. And on the guy that played Anakin, I personally think he did it brilliantly….

  13. wesley Says:

    I just want to see obi wan and Vader fight again since we have the technology to bring out the full depth of the saber scene

  14. Master Kiro Says:

    He should remake 4, 5 and 6 instead of 1, 2, 3. What the fuck seriously?

    • prequelfanboys Says:

      Shoot yourself. Seriously. I suspect you’ll still go on living even with a bullet in your skull, anyway.

  15. 2015 TFA Says:

    Woo! 2015 BABY! THE FORCE AWAKENS!! 2015!

    crap. I’m the only one here.

  16. … and yet, it never happened. George sold Star Wars to Disney and now we have episode 7.

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