DVD Review: Date Night (2010)

October 11, 2010

Date Night (2010) – Review by Isaac

“He turned the gun sideways! That’s a kill shot!”

Its been suggested that Shut Up & Watch The Movie cover some films outside our normal “epic action” venue. So this one’s for you, fans!

Plot Synopsis: Phil Foster (Steve Carell) and his wife Claire (Tina Fey) decide to break the monotony and check out Manhattan’s hottest new club. Feeling gutsy, Phil gives a false name and steals the “Triplehorn’s” table reservation. Trouble strikes when two dirty cops come looking for the Triplehorn’s and demand they return a stolen flash drive. A citywide chase breaks out while the Fosters uncover the plot behind the flash drive and try to find the real Triplehorns.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey are wonderfully endearing as an average married couple and sail through this romantic comedy effortlessly. These experienced actors have great chemistry and their ad-libs steal the show. Mark Wahlberg makes an appearance as the “hunky” distraction and his (shirtless) presence is a memorable one. James Franco and Mila Kunis also make a memorable, hilarious, and awkward appearance as the real Triplehorns. Several ongoing jokes and a lengthy car-chase had my sides splitting with laughter.

“We didn’t have a reservation, so we took yours. And now they think we’re you.”
“You just took our reservation? What kind of people ARE you!?”

Date Night’s premise is a solid one: A harmless incident of mistaken identity leads a normal couple into the criminal underworld of dirty cops, extortion, and illegal strip clubs. While over the top, Date Night handles this with humor and charm…. Until the end. The 3rd act includes a gratuitous and unnecessarily lengthy scene in a strip-club. Here the awkward laughter turned to wincing and reaching for the Fast-Forward button. (There’s nothing explicit here as the scene played for laughs, but it was just too much.) There was a lot of (PG-13) sexual content sprinkled throughout the entire film; (most of it surrounding a shirtless Mark Wahlberg), and some of it was done in fairly good taste. A few jokes about the sex-life of a tired, married couple can provide laughs and character development. But the third act went too far and left a spoiled taste in my mouth. I wish this romantic comedy had turned to a cleverer punch line. However, what are we really to expect? Every time I turn on the television I see sitcoms turning to crude sex jokes for a cheap laugh. I enjoyed what Date Night had to offer in the beginning, but a crude ending left me disappointed.

3/5 Zipped Lips

Experienced actors make Date Night a charming thrill, but some over-the-top sex jokes in the film’s climax deflate the fun.


3 Responses to “DVD Review: Date Night (2010)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Pretty much exactly my thoughts. I was looking forwards to the movie because it was a great premise and I do like Carrell and Fey, but the crude humor just went way, way over the top, and the ending was really just flat.

  2. I quite like Carell and Fey but I didn’t like this movie at all. I thought the whole thing was little and unengaging. I quite liked the chases but I didn’t care about them and wished they would be killed quickly. Maybe it works better on DVD and it wasn’t as bad as “Furry Vengeance” but it just went on and on. The crudity was one last desperate attempt to engage my attention that failed.

    • Isaac Says:

      Well hey, we should review Romantic comedies more often. Thanks for weighing in. Glad you appreciated the reviews.
      Greer, I’m not sure why you hated Date Night so much, perhaps it was the laid back comedic style that heavily relied on ad-libs. Or perhaps it truly is better on DVD like you mentioned.
      Date Night isn’t the best, but there’s certainly worse films in the genre.

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