Inception – Just go see it (again).

August 27, 2010

Inception (2010) review -> Recommendation by Isaac.

“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.”

Of all the movies ever made, Inception caused our team the most perseveration. Who should review it? What should we say? Would this review do the film justice, or just blather on about how clever and pretty it is? – Each dialog concluded with a proverbial foot in mouth; “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

Being the bravest and most socially-maladjusted member of the group, I decided to speak up. I can’t let a great movie like Inception go by without saying something. My statement?

“Just go see it.”

Seriously, you’ve just gotta see it. Inception is just about the most ambitious movie ever made. Director Christopher Nolan created a cinematic masterpiece here, using the film medium with a surgical precision unparalleled in our society of Scary Movie sequels. It’s casting, acting, directing, pacing, action, cinematography, music, and storyline are all top notch. Inception has a very complex plot, but its executed with such masterful storytelling that I was never lost. (Note that I said ‘lost’. I was often perplexed and confused, but never lost.) Nolan can hold the audience on the edge of their seat for prolonged amounts of time, (as proven in The Dark Knight), and he does so again here. Don’t check your brain at the ticket window for this one.

And for the love of all that is artistic, turn off your cell phone! If you’ve seen a twitter update that says something to this effect: “Inception is boring and confusing”, don’t believe them. They were probably texting this update while playing Plants vs. Zombies during the plot exposition. Our culture has become obsessed with multitasking, and Christopher Nolan refuses to pander to the brain dead audience. So please, put away the phone. Don’t even slip out to use the bathroom. Plan on seeing Inception completely dehydrated so you won’t miss one minute of its tasty goodness.

…. there I go, blabbering on about how great the movie is. Forgive me.

Either you’ve seen Inception already, or you need to catch it before it leaves theaters. Don’t see Predators again, put off The Expendables or Piranha 3D, its time to use your brain in a movie. – Seen it already? Hit up that sketchy dollar theater and see it again.  It may be the best movie you see until “Batman 3”. (p.s. if you’re still confused about the plot, this is a helpful diagram to look at: huge spoiler alert).

Rating: 5/5 Zipped Lips

Inception is the most ambitious movie ever made and soars under the skilled direction of Christopher Nolan. This makes The Matrix look like The Little Mermaid.


3 Responses to “Inception – Just go see it (again).”

  1. I agree, Isaac. It really does reward a second viewing. I am not normally a di Caprio fan, but he is astonishing in how he carries this film. As a woman, I am not thrilled by the dead/crazy mom angle. But that would put me off so many movies and “Inception” got me over the annoyance at that plot strand. If you’re a sci fi fan, there is lots here that is familiar and I think that’s a good thing. you can take this movie on lots of different levels, but you really appreciate the visuals and the magnificent mood of it when you see it a second time. I am considering a third viewing, which I have only actually done for “Creation” and “Avatar” in the last year. I have actually seen “Gran Torino” quite a few times, but I am utterly entranced by Clint Eastwood and, therefore, not objective about him.

  2. Isaac Says:

    Good to hear!
    I think Inception made just about the best use of the film medium I have ever seen. It wouldn’t work as well as a book or graphic novel as it does a movie.
    I’ve noticed your preference for Clint Eastwood. – Hey, he’s a great actor!

  3. The thing I love so much about Clint is that he thinks differently from left and right in America. “Letters From Iwo Jima” is the best war movie ever and Clint directs, but isn’t in it. It goes along with “Flags Of Our Fathers” which isn;t a bad movie. Clint tries to do different things and it doesn’t always work, but it’s always interesting to watch. Also, I fell in love with him when he played Rowdy Yates in Rawhide. And Dirty Harry is just a fabulous character and a comment on America, with love and intelligence.

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