NEWS: Green Lantern (and an awesome Fan-Trailer)

July 22, 2010

A number of Green Lantern photos have been buzzing around the internet recently, despite its planned release of June 17th, 2011. With only one Superhero movie released this summer (Iron Man 2), we’re hungry for what’s coming next year.

I have been pretty skeptical of the choice to cast Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, the most iconic Green Lantern. Reynolds just isn’t serious enough in my opinion, (maybe that’s because I just watched The Proposal). The idea of giving Ryan Reynolds the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, a ring that will project whatever comes to mind, does not sound like a good combination. … I hope I’m wrong, but I won’t hold my breath. (This is over a year away, after all).

This news and conjecture  is not nearly enough to warrant a post. But this fan made trailer is. This Green Lantern fan thought Nathan Fillion was better suited for Hal Jordan (I agree), and made one of the most impressive fan trailers I have ever seen. This could very well be better than the movie.


One Response to “NEWS: Green Lantern (and an awesome Fan-Trailer)”

  1. Ali Says:

    That was awesome!!! Why, oh why, can’t Nathan Fillion be Green Lantern instead of Ryan Reynolds?!? Nathan Fillion wound be SO much better!

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